Why Should I Buy a Side Hinged Garage Door?

The side hinged door has been around for a long time, but why are they so popular? The side-hinged door remains the first choice for many home-owners because it has so many advantages. What are some of these advantages? Ease of Handling and Convenience The hinged garage door can be opened conveniently and to any degree you wish: partially, half way, or all the way without having to lift. The garage door also opens in a variety of styles: up and over, sectional, sliding and roller. They can come in pairs Rather than having one large door you can have two small doors. This allows you to open the door without taking up space and gives you choice between opening just one or two doors. You can let people (and pets) inside without exposing your vehicle and anything else you wish to conceal and protect. They come in a variety of sizes Side hinged doors can be made to fit any garage. They are usually custom made and are not hindered by restrictions in size. Low Maintenance Side-hinged garage doors can be easily repaired. They usually only require a bit of painting and they can last potentially a lifetime. Broken hinges and panels can be easily repaired or replaced. Side hinged doors also come with security features that make them burglar proof. They make no noise Unless you forget to oil the hinges, side-hinged garage doors make very little (if any) noise. This is great for when you are coming home at a strange hour or just wish to make a quiet entrance. They can be made from a variety of materials Side-hinged doors come in a variety of materials. Timber is usually the traditional choice of material. But these doors, thanks to technology, can me bade form UPVS, metal and fibre glass. Each material offers a varying degrees of insulation and security. They can be opened automatically This is where you can blend tradition with a touch of technology. You can have your garage hinged door opened by remote control without having to get out of your car. This is very convenient in winter time and it also brings added security at night. They can be designed in a variety of ways Last but not least, they can be very stylish. There are a variety of styles to choose from and a stylish hinged-garage door can only add to the value of your home.
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