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What Material Should I Choose For My Garage Door?

What Material Should I Choose For My Garage Door?


For an overview of the most common materials people use for their garage doors, check out this helpful guide detailing the benefits of each.

Steel GaragesSteel is the leading material used for garages, particularly when it’s incorporated with an insulating foam, which creates a quieter and lighter garage door. The main advantages of a steel garage door are its strength, low maintenance and affordable price, as well as the option to create realistic embossed wood patterns. One drawback is that steel garage doors can rust, so primers and topcoats are available.

Wood Garages

Wood has been a popular garage door material for a long time, but the extra maintenance required is a drawback that puts a lot of people off; over time wood cracks and warps due to changing humidities and temperatures. Despite this, wood is a very authentic and natural material to use that can be shaped into many customisable styles, mixing together different types of wood such as Douglas-fir and sturdy hemlock frames.

Aluminium Garages

Aluminium was once a common material to use for garage doors due to its lightweight and rust-proof qualities, but most people now prefer to combine this material with sturdier panels. However, the ability to emulate the look of wooden doors and create a more durable finish means this material is still relevant on today’s market. Large garage doors are especially suited to the lightweight properties of aluminium.

Glass and Plastic Panels

Mixing durable and stylish panels with sturdy aluminium frames is a popular choice, with a range of panel materials to choose from. These include glass, fibreglass and PVC, all of which are often available in various colours and styles such as obscure tints. As a lightweight mix of materials that are low maintenance, there are certainly functional benefits to this type of garage door, but one drawback it the lack of insulation.

Plastic Garages

Plastic is a relatively new type of material to use for garage doors, but it offers some great benefits. Notably, plastic materials such as PVC and Vinyl combine durability with a lightweight construction, while also being resistant to corrosion and UV-fading. In terms of style, these materials can be formed into a variety of designs that bring a garage door to life.

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