Update your garage door in line with 2017 


Four good reasons to upgrade your garage door in 2017

For anybody that wants to give their home a facelift, then a good place to start is with the door of the garage. If the door is looking a bit dilapidated or old fashioned, it can have an adverse effect on the value of your house. With so many terrific designs for garage doors that are on the market, you owe it to yourself and your family to upgrade. The door of the garage is the largest moving object in your home and takes up a significant amount of the front facade. It is the first thing that most visitors will notice, and estate agents will tell you, that a great looking garage door will add value to the property. Here are some ideas for upgrading.  

Does the style of your garage door fit your home?

  In 2017, there many designs on the market for garage doors. These designs range from the classic look to ultra modern. Different doors will depend on the area that you are living. Residents in the country may opt for a ranch style, while city dwellers for clean straight lines and a modern contemporary look. No matter what style you want, Abacus Garage Doors will be more than willing to accommodate your features. In 2017, there have never been so many styles to choose from.  

Garage doors that are energy efficient

  With the need to reduce our carbon footprint very much in the forefront of home planning, a 'green makeover,' could be just what is required. Manufacturers of garage doors have become increasingly aware of the benefits of insulation and highly efficient weather-sealing products. State-of-the-art materials for construction will keep your garage warm in winter and cool in the summer. As a result of this, your home heating bills will decrease as you turn down the thermostat.  

Remote opening

  There have been many recent developments in internet connectivity and energy efficient door openers. These advances mean better performance and reduced hassle. A particular innovation is the use of DC motor technology to reduce energy costs. A DC motor will start slowly, then speed up and end slowly. This reduces your energy bills by a surprising amount each quarter.  

Using smartphone technology

  Smartphone technology has taken off since 2014. It is possible to control your garage door as well as monitor its status at any time, from anywhere. The development of an increasing number of smartphone apps for your home in 2017 is a positive thing. This year we will see even bigger strides towards an artificial intelligence system to control house functions, and this will include your garage door.   Take time this year to pay some attention to your garage door because there are many new features that you could be taking advantage of. Make 2017 a year when you get the garage door that your home deserves.  
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