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Up & Over Garage Doors

The traditional and popular style of up and over garage doors can be made in timber, steel or from low maintenance glass reinforced polyester.

We can easily transform an up and over door into an electric garage door with the addition of a bow arm attachment. If you require any assistance in choosing the best garage door for your property, our friendly advisors will be happy to help.

Up and Over Door

Benefits of Up & Over Garage Doors

  • Excellent value for money
  • Available in a range of materials: steel, timber, GRP or ABS plastic
  • A very popular garage door style
  • A wide range of colours available
  • Automation available
  • Security locking as standard

Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and over garage doors are among the most popular type to be installed and it is easy to understand why when you consider all of their benefits. At Abacus Doors, we have plenty of experience with this sort of traditional garage door and can advise you on exactly which type will suit your garage the best.

Advantages of Up and Over Garage Doors

One of the primary benefits of a garage door of this type is that it is a highly cost-effective solution to ensure that your garage is closed properly when not in use. Several different materials are used for up and over doors, including steel, timber, GRP and ABS plastic. Each of these provides a great deal of value for money. In addition, an up and over doorway will allow you to store your car, or any other large items, in you garage without the door getting in the way. Unlike outward opening doors, the up and over variety does not extend forward from the garage a great deal, making them superb choices for driveways with limited room. Furthermore, up and over doors can be finished in a wide variety of colours meaning that they can elegantly fit in with the rest of your property’s exterior décor.

How Up and Over Garage Doors Function

In most cases, an up and over mechanism for a doorway operates via vertical tracks which are placed on the side of the frame. These can be spring loaded in order to make it almost effortless to both raise and lower the door. As the garage door is opened, it will pivot so that it forms a miniature canopy in front of the garage. When fully opened, it will subsequently slide into the garage parallel to its ceiling and well out of the way, thereby affording full access. Although manual operation is perfectly fine for many sorts of garages, this type of door mechanism is relatively easy to automate. Therefore, it is often a preferred option for people who want automatically opening and shutting garage doors for every time they use the car.

Choosing an Up and Over Door

These sorts of doors are available in various sizes and will fit nearly all types of garages. Single, double and even triple garages can be accommodated. Each door has a security mechanism which means you can have complete peace of mind that your belongings are fully protected inside. Ask us for help on further options.

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