Top 10 safety tips for your garage doors

Top 10 Safety Tips for Garage Doors
A garage is an appealing property feature, adding storage space to your home and enhancing security for your vehicle. Without paying attention to garage door safety, however, property owners risk injury, property damage and theft. To keep your garage door working with you instead of against you, follow our top 10 garage door safety tips. 1. The most important thing to ensure is the physical safety of any person that comes near the garage door. In particular, pay attention to the safety of children, since they may not be aware of the potential danger. Inform children that garage doors can be dangerous, and keep very small children away from them. Use a garage door remote and make sure to keep the remote out of children’s reach. 2. Never place your fingers in areas where they could become caught in the garage door, such as between the door sections. Be sure to advise children of the dangers of this as well. 3. Garage doors with a reversing mechanism are recommended, as this is an important safety feature. You may want to think about replacing your garage door if the one you have doesn’t automatically reverse. If your garage door has a reversing mechanism, test it periodically with an object you don’t mind crushing. Repair this feature as soon as possible if you find it is no longer working. 4. Make sure the door is fully closed when not in operation. If left ajar, people or objects can get caught underneath when the door is reactivated. 5. Perform periodic inspections to ensure your garage door is working properly. Look for damage to springs, pulleys and cables, and schedule a repair if needed. 6. Keep your garage door code secure, and change it often. 7. Remember to lock your doors when you’re going to be out of your home. Intruders can get in through unlocked garage doors and unlocked front doors, so remember to lock both. Prevent intruders from moving from one area of your home to another by locking the interior door. 8. Keep your garage door opener hidden from view when you are out. 9. In the event of an extended absence, it is recommended to disable the garage door opener. Use the security switch if your garage door has one, or simply unplug the unit to prevent the door from being opened. 10. While it may not be riveting reading, your garage door manual is an important document to keep and refer to when necessary. It can answer common questions you may have, and can inform you on the important functions and features of your particular door. Be sure to check the manual for the location of the door’s emergency release, and be informed on how to use it should the need arise. Follow the above tips in order to prevent injuries and theft. By paying attention to these safety concerns, you can reduce your risks and enjoy all the benefits your garage can offer.
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