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Roller Door Offer

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For a limited time only we have a fantastic offer on roller garage doors:

Daylight opening size 2255 x 2134

(On these doors the  frame is 105mm each side and you would need 310mm above the lintel for the box).

If your opening is smaller you can still fit the doors as long as you have the room behind the revels to accommodate the overall size of the door which is 2465 x 2134.

Colour is cream RAL 9001 Box and guilds are the same colour.

They are top of the range offering spring assist, so unlike all other rollers the spring lift the door instead of brute force and just allowing the motor to do all the work. The motors have 440n more power than a normal roller and they comply with all safety regulations

They are manufactured in Germany  Hormann rollmatic

Electric would need to be supplied on the left hand side looking out.

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