Prepare Your Garage Door for the Summer

Long summer days and sunny evenings can show up the damage winter rains and cold inflict on the exterior of a house, especially on the garage door. However, with careful maintenance and time spent, the summer is the ideal time to ensure that the garage door is in pristine condition and the envy of the neighborhood. Cleaning the garage door can be time consuming, as the garage is used for storing the family car, tools, dustbins and supplies. All these items tend to cause a build up of grease and dust. In addition, the outside of the door faces the elements, and can be worn down by harsh winters. For wooden doors, we recommend that you apply a fresh coat of paint and sealant in summer to add additional external protection. If rot has spread too much, why not consider a replacement door from our Bristol outlet?   To ensure the door itself opens correctly, ensure that all moving parts like rollers, tracks and hinges are adequately lubricated. Common household oils like WD-40 are not sufficient for this task. We can recommend a variety of suitable lubricating products for use on moving parts. In addition to checking moving parts, general wear and tear is also a vital part of a householder's "spot check" on a garage door. Ensure that cables, hinges, springs, and supports are all in reasonable working order. We have a wide selection of replacement parts in our store and can offer friendly and professional advise on options regarding repairs and replacement. Householders should avoid the temptation to attempt a "DIY" replacement of these parts, as it can be a technical task requiring a trained professional. A careful householder will be aware at all times of the danger of rust, especially to key components like springs and bolts. Unlike wood rot, corroded and rusted springs can cause the actual garage door itself to collapse and damage vehicles or injure people. We stock a selection of replacement springs and bolts in store, and can recommend appropriate courses of action regarding installation of replacement parts. Householders with remote controlled garage door openers should take time to ensure that the batteries in the control have been changed, and the antenna for the door opener are properly extended. If you would like any more information or advice on any of our services contact us now on 01454 22 88 23 or
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