Ideas for your garage space

Ideas for your garage space
Here in Bristol and across Britain, it seems we use our garages to store just about anything but rarely our cars. A study by RAC Home Insurance found out that of the country's 10.6million garages more than 4.6million are used for little more than storage, 4 out of 10 are now so cluttered that a car wouldn't fit and that hidden behind the garage door the average garage holds around £1,650 worth of forgotten items. The study also found that, if they aren't full to the brim with ladders or gardening equipment, a large number of us have used the space to make an extra room for leisure or fitness activities.
One of the most popular uses is to turn an unused garage into a gym, with around 1 in 12 Brits opting to save money and build their own get-fit centre. If you are looking to become healthier, building your own gym can be a clever use of a garage. As the space is usually on cement or hard brick, heavy equipment can be stored without worry about damage to the ground or garage door and the savings on gym fees can be huge. If you do decide on a gym, it's worthwhile to check out Gumtree, eBay or a car boot-style app to find out some starter equipment. Many people purchase treadmills and weights with good intentions during the start of the year and quickly forget about them, so bargains come up all the time.
Another popular use for the garage is to turn it into a separate living space. Across the country, 678,000 people have increased the value of their home by creating a new room without laying a brick in their own garage. Transforming a space that has been probably been used and abused for decades into a welcoming living space will require some thought, but the potential can be massive. A new office, spare bedroom, games room for the kids or even a hi-tech computer room are all possible with a bit of effort, improving both the value and happiness of your home. Clearing out the garage itself can be both the first step and a means to finance the change.
With nearly £2,000 sat in the average garage in unused items, selling your stuff online or even holding an old-fashioned garage sale can be an easy way to shift the clutter and boost the budget. Of course, if you are planning on a change in Bristol, Abacus Doors can help with the finishing touch of a brand new garage door that can add space and a fresh new look.
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