How to Choose the Best Garage Door Installer

Having set your sights on a modern garage door that will provide you with added convenience and security as well as complement and enhance the look of your house, the first step is to find a company to supply and fit it. Fitting a modern garage door whether it's manually operated or electrically powered and remote controlled is a skilled job that requires expertise. So, to help you choose wisely, here are eight points to keep in mind to ensure you get the best value for money. 1. Personal Recommendations Neighbours, friends and colleagues who have had garage doors fitted are a great source of unbiased information. They can tell you about their experience with various local companies. Keep in mind, though, that a positive report on any company is not a guarantee. So you need to dig deeper. 2. Professional Recommendations You should also look them up on a professional, independent review site such as Checkatrade. They freely provide details based on customer feedback of companies they've reviewed and assess companies' reliability, punctuality, customer satisfaction and more. View our Checkatrade here. 3. Check Each Company's Website That's assuming they have a website. A garage door supply and installation company without any online presence is probably one that has more to hide than to boast about. Checking their website gives you a lot of information. Does the company look professional? What other services do they offer? How long have they been in business? If you like the look of a company and what they offer, you can contact them directly and find out exactly what you need to. 4. Guaranteed Work If you're having a new door fitted, make sure both the door and installation work are fully guaranteed. The same holds true for any repair work that you ask them to carry out for you. 5. Repair Service If you just need some repair work done, make sure the company you're considering is knowledgeable about your type of door. A good garage installation company that supplies a large range of doors from various manufacturers will have first-hand knowledge of just about every type of door out there. 6. Liability Insurance All reputable garage door companies will have liability insurance. How this benefits you is that in the event of a botched job causing damage to your property, pursuing adequate compensation should be straightforward because their liability insurance will cover the costs. Don't be afraid to ask to see details of their liability insurance coverage. 7. Get a Free Quotation Ask the company for a full quotation whether you want them to supply and fit a new door or repair an existing door. Their prices should be competitive, and the quotation should show the full cost, with no nasty surprises later in the form of hidden charges. 8. The Personal Touch Last but not least is the importance the company places on providing a friendly and inviting public face to all enquiries. Customer satisfaction should be their highest priority. So, keeping those points in mind, get started today and treat yourself to a modern garage door to be proud of.
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