How To Choose a Garage Door Repair and Installation Company

How To Choose a Garage Door Repair and Installation Company When it comes to selecting a company to install or repair your garage door, it can be a major decision. This work can represent a significant expense to homeowners, and will drastically affect the look of your house, so it's important to ensure that you are working with a professional company who can do it right the first time. Below are some examples of how to find the right company for you. Do Your Research Open up Google and do a basic search to see what kind of garage door companies are available in your area. Often with just a simple search, you can get a general idea of what kind of services and pricing is offered by companies in your area. Ask Around Chances are, a few people in your life have needed their own garage door installed or repaired within the past few years. Ask your neighbours, as well as family and coworkers, if they have any recommendations for a company that can provide you with garage door services. Get To Know The Company Most professional companies today will have a website and some social media presence. A company's website will often provide comprehensive information about the services they offer, and often a gallery of "before and after" images displaying their past workmanship. If the company you are considering simply has a telephone number in the phone book but no web presence, it's highly recommended to look elsewhere. Often this can be a single contractor who may only install garage doors part-time, and not a reputable company. Fully Trained Staff When working with a company, it's important to ensure their staff are fully trained. Often a company's website will provide details of training and certification that their staff has, or you may need to phone and ask. It's also important to ensure that anyone installing or repairing your garage door is fully insured, in case anything goes wrong. Professional Service One of the best ways to gauge the professionalism and demeanor of a company is simply to phone them up or send them an email and see how they respond. Is their phone greeting courteous and welcoming, or unprofessional? Do they respond to emails promptly? How the administrative side of the business is handled can often give you a good idea as to what the rest of their service is like. Reviews and reputation There is no need to pick a garage door company blindly, many websites such as and Which? Trusted Trader are great resources to see what past customers had to say about each garage door company. A little research into the past ratings of a company may save you a big headache. Contact Abacus Garage Doors Today! When you go through the due diligence above, we are certain that Abacus Garage Doors will appear as one of the top companies for you to consider in the Bristol, Cheltenham, & Gloucester areas. With over 40 years of experience, a 10-year limited guarantee on all of our garage doors, and a price match guarantee on all genuine like-for-like quotes, we are sure to provide exactly what you are looking for in a garage door. Please call or email us for a quote today!          
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