Garage Doors can increase the value of your home

Look at almost any detached or semi-detached property near you and you will see a garage either as an integral part of the property or as a detached entity. Look again and you will probably see that in most cases the garage faces the front of the property and is usually seen by passers by. Finally, look at the size of the garage door compared to the overall size of the property and you will see that the garage door often forms a very large percentage of the visual effect of the property.

So often we take great care of our property's appearance (doors, windows, paintwork, garden and surrounds) without realising the effect our garage door has on the overall effect to the viewer.

We are often bombarded by sales people wanting to sell us windows and doors. These are normally sold to us on the basis that they will also save on our fuel costs and enhance our property's value. So little is made of the fact that upgrading our garage doors has just as much effect on property values.

Many property owners with homes over ten years old will upgrade their windows and doors but far less will consider their garage door. So many homes still have the original garage door. Many will have received some maintenance and repainting but rarely do repainted doors look anything like as good as the paint finish on a new door. Some owners install roller shutter garage doors but most opt for the straightforward up and over garage door. Using modern materials, these easy to operate doors add considerable increases in property value and the effect can be quite sensational given the wide choice of colours and modern designs available.

Upgrading an old fashioned noisy metal or timber door will certainly get you noticed by your neighbours. The visual effect on your property can be amazing.

Fortunately, garage door opening dimensions have been standard for many years and you are quite likely to be able to buy a standard size replacement. However, bespoke sizes are also available.

Latest market research reveals that changing a basic door with an upgraded replacement is likely to increase your property's value by an amazing 90% of the replacement cost making it one of the most cost effective renovations a home owner can make.

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