Garage Door Security

HOW TO KEEP YOUR GARAGE SECURE In today's society, every inch of space is an asset and garages tend to be used for multiple purposes. Tools, household items and personal possessions, all jostle for space in an area that is often overlooked when it comes to security. SECURE DOORS With garage theft on the increase, it's essential to make sure that your doors are closed and locked at all times. This includes not only the main door but any side entrances too. Windows are another vulnerable area and should never be left open while the premises is unattended. An open door is an invitation for your property to be stolen, so keep them secured. LIGHTING The one thing all garages have in common is the need for good lighting, something which can prove a very simple deterrent. Accessing an insecure building is far easier under the cover of darkness, so it is essential that the garage, especially around any entrances, is kept well lit. Remember, any lighting is better than none, so make sure you don't leave your garage in the dark. WINDOW VISIBILITY Before taking the risk of breaking into property, potential burglars will take any easy option offered to them. Uncovered windows are an invitation to view the property inside your garage, so make sure these are covered at all times. A simple blind can be fitted to most windows, allowing light when you need it and security when you don't. ALARM SYSTEM The importance of a good alarm system speaks for itself and doesn't have to cost a fortune. Nowadays the choice of alarms are pretty impressive, starting with a simple door sensor, that triggers an alarm when opened. Some automatic garage door opening systems also offer built-in security features, so consider all available options if purchasing one. ACCESS CODE Some locks include the use of a security keypad to access the garage. This is an often overlooked area as it's very easy to share the code without thinking. Remember, never share the code unless you really have to and make sure you change it often, to ensure no one else can gain entry in your absence. HIDE KEYS We all do it, leave our garage keys hanging on a key hook at home, or in a spare drawer. While that may offer a quick and convenient solution while you are there, never be tempted to leave them if you go away. Take the keys with you and make sure you aren't leaving an easy option for any unwanted visitors. INSTALL A SECURE GARAGE DOOR A strong, secure garage door from Abacus will ensure that your home not only looks good but is fully secure too. We offer a large variety of options, designed specifically to suit your needs. With over 40 years experience you can trust in the quality of our products, as well as the professional standards of our fitting service. Give us a call today and let our friendly team talk through the best options for you and your home.
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