What Are the Benefits of Driveway Gates?

Black metal driveway gates with finial tips
We all want our homes to be stylish whilst keeping us safe at all times. Driveway gates are a fantastic way to achieve this and have many additional benefits for homeowners looking to invest.   Not only can they add value to your property, but they also act as a deterrent and most importantly improves security. Available in a wide range of designs and materials, it’s time to transform your property from mundane to magnificent.    

Improves the Security of Your Home

Although the initial investment cost can put off homeowners from thinking about having driveway gates installed on their property, it’s important to look at the wider picture and how they’ll provide much reassurance for the future.   Automated electric gates are made from sturdy materials and can be adapted for all manner of specifications, not just for the home. They can be adapted for care facilities, business premises and specialist disability homes for an extra level of security. This can be enhanced even further with the installation of motion-censored lights and CCTV if necessary.   In addition, thanks to its automated opening system, you’ll feel safe throughout the day and night with the ability to open the gate at a click of a button without the need to get out of your car. Driveway gates provide a physical blockade for unwanted pedestrians and vehicles who need to turn around from gaining access to your driveway.   Overall, driveway gates will help your family, colleagues or those within the premises will feel much safer, along with your protected assets such as cars, trailers and boats, which will be out of view from the public.    

Adds to Your Property’s Architecture

With an impressive range of materials, designs and accessories on the market, driveway gates can be produced to your exact specifications and style to complement your home. They give a great first impression when installed as they provide a sense of elegance and luxury, whilst making the exterior of your home feel grand yet secure all in one go.    

Reduces Your Insurance Premiums

It’s not always guaranteed depending on your provider, but installing driveway gates could lower your insurance premiums thanks to the enhanced level of security they bring to the property.   Not only able to reduce your insurance annual fee on the house, but it could also help to reduce the premium for any vehicles, caravans, trailers and boats you may have. With homeowners spending many years in one property this could be quite the saving and even offset your initial investment to have the gates installed in the first place.    

Increases Privacy

We’re all familiar with people peeking inside the window of a property or glancing at a house when walking or driving by. If privacy is something you want to increase, then driveway gates are the perfect way to achieve this.   By blocking away outsiders you’ll lower the risk of unwanted attention and potential criminals looking to steal from your home. If you have an open space in front of the house which you regularly use for entertaining, such as an open garden or landscaped area, then a driveway gate is another way to keep your personal activities private.    

Adds Value to Your Property

Home improvements and renovations are usually a great way to add value to your home. Well-installed, high-quality driveway gates in particular are an appealing factor for would-be buyers because of their look and safety features. Plus it can distinguish your property from other competition thanks to its aesthetics - ensuring that they have been well maintained before going to market.    

Acts as A Deterrent

It’s no secret that driveway gates are designed to only give access to authorised people. Therefore, onlooking burglars and thieves will be deterred from even approaching your property because they’re unable to pry on your whereabouts and spy through the windows looking for opportunities and items to steal.   As you’ve made a conscious effort to keep your property private, criminals are aware that you take security seriously and that you will most probably have other safety features in place behind the gates such as alarms and CCTV.    

Great Control Over Who Comes to Your Door

Have you ever had scammers or unwanted visitors knocking on your door? They can make you feel uneasy and can be frustrating to turn away at the best of times. By having a driveway gate in place with a camera outside, they’re less likely to approach you and you’ll have complete control over who is able to get past through the gates.    

Safer for Kids and Pets

Children and pets are certainly ones to keep safe if your home is located next to a main road or busy street. Thanks to the controlled nature of the gates, they’ll be prevented from leaving the premises especially if you have a secluded gate as well surrounding the property for further security.    

Appealing to the Eye

Finally, driveway gates look great and last for years if maintained well. When investing in new gates from a respected supplier and installer such as Abacus Garage Doors, you know that you’re getting a quality product that is made from the finest materials and installed by professionals with years of experience in the industry.   Not only will you love how it looks but your guests will be complementary of them too, and most importantly you can have utmost peace of mind that you’re buying from a reputable company that has security at the heart of its ethos.  
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