Different Types of Driveway Gates

Wooden driveway gate at countryside house with gravel
As homeowners or investors in property, we want our assets to remain safe and secure. Driveway gates are a fantastic way to add an extra level of privacy to protect any building and come in a variety of forms. From electric to wooden, automatic, sliding and metal gates, there are many types of gates to suit all budgets, specifications and styles.

Electric Gates

A popular choice on the market, electric gates function with ease at the press of a button and boost more efficiency and security features than manual gates. They can be the perfect option for driveways as you’re able to open the gates from the comfort of your car without the need to get out of your vehicle. Available in a selection of materials, Bluetooth connectivity makes electric gates reliable, secure and will last for years.

Wooden Gates

For a traditional look that is elegant and produced using the finest materials, wooden gates can be designed with intricate finishes and details for a spectacular finish. Whether you’re looking for an oak gate to complement wooden fencing that is already installed around your property or a timber gate that has been dipped in protective treatment, our expert team can discuss which choice is best for you.

Automatic Gates

Available in our finest range of materials from metal to wood, automatic gates are intuitive and highly functional thanks to their sensors which open the gate with ease when a vehicle approaches. Whether you’re investing in swing gates or sliding gates, automated gates are versatile and come in a range of options.

Sliding Gates

Sleek and simple to operate, sliding gates glide their way across a track location behind a fence on the driveway. A great product when you’re limited on space and gates that swing open isn’t your preferred option. Unlike swing gates which require the installation of two doors, sliding gates come in one solid and durable entity usually in an automatic fashion, to make operation simple as soon as you press the open button.

Metal Gates

Easy to maintain and robust from top to bottom, metal gates are available in an impressive array of looks with accompanying accessories to give your property some personality. Whether you invest in an iron, steel or aluminium gate, they all feature high-security specifications whilst providing a unique finish. Available in solid metal options that give complete privacy, or stylish designs that showcase your driveway, there’s something for everyone.

How Abacus Can Help You Find Your Gating Solution

Providing everything under one roof from expert guidance to supply of gates from a range of leading manufacturers to professional installation, Abacus Garage Doors are renowned for delivering results and a range of different types of gates. We pride ourselves on being one of the South West’s leading suppliers with over 40 years of experience. As well as providing gate installation, we also offer gate repairs and install garage doors without the need to hire builders and always promise honest pricing and guidance to ensure that your products last the test of time.
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