Don’t Forget to Give Your Garage Door a Festive Makeover this Festive Season!

Garage Door and front of home lit for Christmas
The wreath is on the front door. The windows are trimmed with lights, and in the evening, the Christmas tree can be seen twinkling through the window. There's an inflatable snowman on the neighbour's lawn, and antlers sticking out the windows of his car. Everyone has gotten into the spirit! Yet all up and down the street, there are blank white squares: people have forgotten to decorate their garage doors! Here are these lovely canvases just waiting to be done up for the season, and year after year they remain neglected. Decorating a garage door needn't be an expensive undertaking. A simple wreath festooned with shiny baubles will be enough to keep the theme tied together. A large red bow will do the same and can be purchased at pound stores and other discount shops. Add some wide ribbon in a + shape, and you have a wrapped present for a door! Lights are the go-to option, especially if your house is already trimmed with them. If your garage is free-standing (not attached to the house), be sure to use the same style and colours to keep a consistent feel. A popular new idea is the twinkle lights. Instead of the effort of untangling rows and rows of lights, and stringing them along with the house and garage, there are now LED "blizzard bulbs" that can be set up on the lawn, creating a falling-snow light show against the house. If your garage is separate from the house, simply install another light directed towards the garage door. These come in standard white, as well as a range of solid and mixed colours. These lights don't use a lot of electricity and are very weather resistant. Another option is one of those large plastic murals to tack up. This is especially fun if you have small kids in the neighbourhood to appreciate a Santa Claus or reindeer image. The very artistic could probably create a lovely painted mural, but making it too holiday-specific will mean having to paint over it in a month's time. Better instead to purchase something holiday-themed that can be put up and removed. There are dozens of images that can be ordered online, from advent calendars to nativity scenes. With careful hanging, removal, and storage, a quality mural can last several years. If your garage door has windows, use vinyl decals that stick onto the inside of the windows, with messages like "Happy Holidays," and "T'is The Season." These are great because they are inexpensive, don't leave any marks, and can be changed on a whim. Getting into the holiday decorating spirit is contagious, and you may find your neighbours will come round, asking where you got the fun decorations. Go ahead - start a trend!
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