Do Driveway Gates Increase Property Value?

Wooden driveway gates with wall
When you walk or drive past a property which features a gated driveway leading up to the home, it’s easy to think of luxury and privacy behind closed doors. But do gates actually add value to a property?   There are many advantages to having them installed, from their enhanced security features to kerb appeal and overall improved aesthetics.    

How ROI Is Measured in the Housing Market

Return on investment (ROI) is the term used for when an individual or group of people invest in an item that can increase in value. Collectables such as classic art, watches and handbags feature in this category, as does the purchase of property - especially if you plan on adding improvements. It’s widely acknowledged that carrying out renovations and upgrades to your home can increase its overall value.    

What Can Affect ROI on Your Property

In the case of property, if you’re looking to add your home to the market you’re likely to tick off a number of amendments to improve its look so that it may be more appealing to potential buyers.   This could include fresh paint on the walls, modern fixtures and a spruce up of the carpet. Another great example is having a garage door installed. If your garage is looking tired and uninviting then this doesn’t provide a good first impression.    

Do Gates Offer Good ROI?

If you want to go up another level in the home improvement stakes then driveway gates usually have a high return on your investment. Similar to new garage doors, driveway gates enhance the exterior of the home by making it look more premium, stylish and elegant.   It also has much appeal because they add another layer of security to the property, which is an important factor for prospective buyers. House hunters are also more willing to pay extra for this luxury, so the outlook is very positive all round.    

How Driveway Gates Increase Property Value

As with anything, markets can go up and down, and with homes, it’s all about personal preference and style. A new driveway gate isn’t always going to increase the possibility of a return on investment due to its quality and installation.   That’s why it’s important to work with a well-renowned supplier and manufacturer who will be able to provide high standards and impressive designs. Think of it like a garden, if it’s unkept, shabby looking and could do with a clean-up, then buyers will be put off the home before even walking through the door.   This is also the case for gates if they’re not maintained, poorly installed (therefore leading to security issues) and generally in a bad condition then this doesn’t give a good first impression.    

Increased Kerb Appeal

It’s been reported that carrying out improvements to the exterior of your home could increase its value by five per cent. Again, this comes down to the quality of the installation, its style and how it complements the rest of the property.   This increased kerb appeal from the moment potential buyers park up outside or enter through the luxury driveway gates can get that true wow factor.    

Security and Privacy

Safety and security for any homeowner is always a priority, and a gated driveway is an excellent example of showcasing care for your property and the loved ones in it.   They’re a great way to keep out any unwanted company such as stray animals that have a habit of coming into your garden, or unwanted vehicles that turn around in your driveway. In contrast, they also keep pets and children from leaving the premises and away from harm if you live close to a busy street.   If you’re concerned about your privacy and want to refrain from passers-by looking inside your home, gates are a great option as well as advanced security measures such as CCTV and motion sensor lights.    

They Look Great

Finally, it’s hard to argue that they don’t look great! Driveway gates can be tailor-made to your specifications with the finest materials on the market. With a wide choice of styles to choose from you can truly make them bespoke to you and enhance your home even further.   From iron gates to bespoke wooden designs with additional accessories, there are plenty of ways that a touch of elegance with driveway gates can add more value to your property.    

How Abacus Can Help Find Your Gating Solution

At Abacus Garage Doors we understand the importance of high-quality products and impressive installations that transform your home. With years of experience working with leading manufacturers and hundreds of clients, we’re proud of our renowned reputation in the industry and for providing great solutions for our clients.    
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