Conversion of Dual Garage Doors into a Single Large Door

Conversion of Dual Garage Doors into a Single Large Door


South Bristol

Client Request:

The client wanted to change their two separate garage doors into one large door to make it easier to park their cars.


One of the significant challenges in this project was the existing brickwork above the garage doors. The brickwork needed to be carefully managed to maintain the structural integrity of the garage. Additionally, the removal of the central brick column required precise work to avoid any damage to the surrounding structure.

Work Done

Assessment and Planning:

Visited the site to check the structure.
Made a plan to safely remove the middle brick column and support the top part.

Brickwork and Structural Changes:

Carefully took down the central column.

Strengthened the brickwork above to support the new, wider door.

Installing the New Door:

Fitted a custom-made, single large door.

Ensured the door was aligned and worked smoothly.
Added modern security features.


The conversion was completed successfully, providing the client with a wide, single garage door that significantly improved the ease of parking and accessing their vehicles. The new door enhanced both the functionality and appearance of the garage.

Before and After


The garage featured two separate doors, limiting the ease of access and requiring precise manoeuvring of the vehicles.


The dual garage doors were replaced with a single, large door, providing a seamless and spacious entry for the vehicles

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