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Automated Garage Doors- Which Is Right For You?

Automated Garage Doors- Which Is Right For You?

  Types of Garage Door Openers – Belt, Chain, and Screw When it comes to garage door openers, there are several options available. By far, the most common three varieties are belt, chain, and screw drive garage door openers. Each of these has their own benefits and drawbacks, and there is really no “best” option

Top 10 safety tips for your garage doors

Top 10 Safety Tips for Garage Doors A garage is an appealing property feature, adding storage space to your home and enhancing security for your vehicle. Without paying attention to garage door safety, however, property owners risk injury, property damage and theft. To keep your garage door working with you instead of against you, follow

How to Choose the Best Garage Door Installer

Having set your sights on a modern garage door that will provide you with added convenience and security as well as complement and enhance the look of your house, the first step is to find a company to supply and fit it. Fitting a modern garage door whether it’s manually operated or electrically powered and

Update your garage door in line with 2017 

  Four good reasons to upgrade your garage door in 2017 For anybody that wants to give their home a facelift, then a good place to start is with the door of the garage. If the door is looking a bit dilapidated or old fashioned, it can have an adverse effect on the value of

Why an eye-catching garage door will help your home sell faster

When people are renovating their homes with a view to reselling, they do not always think of the garage door. However, an attractive garage door can vastly increase the value of your home. Just think about it: usually your garage door will take up around a quarter of the front facade of your house. It

Reasons It Might Be time to Replace Your Garage Door Opening Mechanism

A garage door is a workhorse of the modern home. Every journey taken means the door goes through the cycle of being opened and closed, and this means a typical door opener is operated at least 1,500 times a year – and considering the weight of many garage doors in today’s security-conscious times, that puts

Ideas for your garage space

Ideas for your garage space Here in Bristol and across Britain, it seems we use our garages to store just about anything but rarely our cars. A study by RAC Home Insurance found out that of the country’s 10.6million garages more than 4.6million are used for little more than storage, 4 out of 10 are

Why Should I Invest in Matching Front and Garage Doors?

Why Should I Invest in Matching Front and Garage Doors?   Owning your own property is, for many, one of life’s great achievements. Changing the front door can lift the entire appearance of your home and give a true sense of a house well cared for. New doors can also offer a greater degree of

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