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Black metal driveway gates with finial tips

What Are the Benefits of Driveway Gates?

We all want our homes to be stylish whilst keeping us safe at all times. Driveway gates are a fantastic way to achieve this and have many additional benefits for homeowners looking to invest.   Not only can they add value to your property, but they also act as a deterrent and most importantly improves
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Wooden driveway gates with wall

Do Driveway Gates Increase Property Value?

When you walk or drive past a property which features a gated driveway leading up to the home, it’s easy to think of luxury and privacy behind closed doors. But do gates actually add value to a property?   There are many advantages to having them installed, from their enhanced security features to kerb appeal
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Wooden driveway gate at countryside house with gravel

Different Types of Driveway Gates

As homeowners or investors in property, we want our assets to remain safe and secure. Driveway gates are a fantastic way to add an extra level of privacy to protect any building and come in a variety of forms. From electric to wooden, automatic, sliding and metal gates, there are many types of gates to
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An Introduction to Garage Doors

Garage Door buying can seem very complicated with all the technical language used and the huge range of doors available. But at Abacus Garage Doors, we want to be as helpful as possible for our customers to help you clearly understand everything you need to know about doors, openers, repairs and the components which keep
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Common garage door problems during the winter

The winter can cause all sorts of problems for your garage door, watch out for these common problems! Excess grease Contracting Metal Thickening Grease We understand garage door maintenance is not at the top of everyone’s to do list. So let our team handle it. Our team is on hand to maintain and repair your
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Why won’t my garage door open or close?

Why won’t my garage door open or close? Your garage door may be of the highest quality, but you may still experience problems opening and closing it from time to time. This can happen with both manual and automatic doors and there are some commons reasons that could be causing the issue. We’ve looked at
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Four reasons to update your garage door

When it comes to upgrading or renovating your property, the humble garage door is often overlooked, and there’s no reason it should be. Why put up with old, timeworn, and weatherbeaten garage doors, when you wouldn’t do it with any other aspect of your house? Here are four reasons to get your garage doors updated
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The benefits of a security gate for your home and family

THE BENEFITS OF A SECURITY GATE FOR YOUR HOME AND FAMILY Whether you live in an area with a high crime rate, or you are just looking into additional security options for your home, security gates may be just what you’re looking for. Strong, secure and very visually appealing, they offer a multitude of benefits
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Autumn is here, so it’s time to prepare your garage for winter

Preparing Your Garage Door for the Cold Months Ahead The nights are drawing in, the children are back in school and we’ve probably all given in to the temptation to turn on the heating; this means that autumn is here, so it’s time to prepare your garage for winter. The importance of garage door maintenance
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