An Introduction to Garage Doors

Garage Door buying can seem very complicated with all the technical language used and the huge range of doors available. But at Abacus Garage Doors, we want to be as helpful as possible for our customers to help you clearly understand everything you need to know about doors, openers, repairs and the components which keep your garage door working!

Types of garage door

First, let's take a look at the types of garage door which are available. One of the most common of these is the Up & Over garage door. These operate thanks to rollers which run on vertical tracks on the side of the door frame. They are usually spring loaded to make opening and shutting the door easier. When they open, they pivot, so that a small canopy is created above the entrance to the garage. Another type of door is the roller garage door. Roller doors are great for people who want to make the most of the space available to them in their garage. As the door rolls up and down vertically, it is possible to park a second car up close to the garage. It also means that storage space in the garage itself is boosted, as shelves and other storage units can be placed right up against the door. Side hinged garage doors are another option that we can provide at Abacus. These doors open outwards from the centre, with hinges on both sides. This type of door is very secure, and can also help provide you with easier access to your property. If you want to know about which type of door will suit your property best, then get in touch with us here at Abacus. We'll only be too pleased to help!

Opening Systems

All garage doors need a hardware system so that they can operate. Here at Abacus we sell doors with a range of operating systems. If you want to know which is best for you, then get in touch with us. Some doors rely on hinges, which allow the door sections to remain static when opening and closing. Others use rollers, which roll inside tracks, allowing the door to open and close. Springs and cables are also often used, with cables lifting the overall weight of the door, and springs allowing it to raise and lower more efficiently.

Call Abacus to find your perfect garage door

Here at Abacus we will help you find the right garage door. Whether you are looking for greater security, more aesthetic appeal or simply want to make better use of the space available to you, we can help.
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